Apple Powerbook G3/400 laptop computer.

This old Powerbook has been all around the world and been dropped many times but it's only crashed in a gig once. On the other hand, the battery is rubbish.

I use OS9 running Bias Peak for audio recording and editing, Cubase for multitracking vocals, T-Racks for mastering and Reason for making the odd track when I don't feel like turning on all the synths. I don't use the computer for MIDI sequencing because it does my brain in.


All these sounds are made on Reason.

MAC01 - two Subtractor bass sounds.
MAC02 - example of Reason's vocoder plus a few other sounds.
MAC03 - acidy Subtractor patch plus some drums.
MAC04 - me and Plasticman messing about.
MAC05 - The Pleasure Zone.
MAC06 - Reason is good for chopping up loops and for making big distorted bass sounds.
MAC07 - modulating synth sounds.
MAC08 - more modulated synth percussion.
MAC09 - drum sounds made with multiple Subtractor synths.
MAC10 - Subtractor drones and percussion sounds.
MAC11 - more Subtractor drum sounds.
MAC12 - two Subtractor synths stacked together.
MAC13 - complex modulation using delay units and the vocoder.


Apple website here