Supercollider is an open source program for digital synthesis and algorithmic composition. It runs on Mac OS X and Linux, and has also been ported to Windows. It has existed in one form or another since 1996.

In its current incarnation, the program consists of 2 seperate elements: the "language" side, which can carry out control structures and timed events, and the "server" side, which generates audio according to Open Sound Control messages sent to it from the language. In fact these OSC messages need not come from the language, they could be received from any program capable of generating such instructions. However, it is mostly convenient to use the language side, as it has a wide range of computational functions gleaned from and inspired by many other different languages, and also has access to a well developed GUI system.

The "language" can address any number of "servers" on the local network, which could be on the same computer, (perhaps in the Audio Unit plugin version) or on a different, possibly remote, machine.

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