Step Sequencer


Every note value played by the step sequencer results from the combination of the slider, which covers 2 octaves in semitone increments by itself, and the octave shift number. Each step's duration in beats can be changed, and an overlap value for any note played is added to this to make the duration. A different SoundPatch can be used for each step. If a tie is selected for a certain note, a portamento will be created that slides to the following note (ignoring the overlap value of the first note.) This is a pre-emptive slide that starts at a user-specified time within the first note, and is rendered as a complete envelope before playback. Up to 8 slides can be chained together. SoundPatches may be "stacked" so that the output of one can feed the input of another, for instance for making spot effects. The playback range alters how many steps each pattern consists of. A groove or swing value can be applied to the timing.

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