MIDI Sequencer

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This MIDI style sequencer uses 96 ppqn, the system used on the Roland MC-50 hardware unit, for the sake of my own familiarity, although there is nothing in theory to stop this being any other value. The sequence of notes is laid out as a set of number values: each note can be directly edited, moved or deleted. 8 sequence channels can be used. A zone editor specifies which SoundPatch or external MIDI port and channel is to be used for any note played. A number of editing functions are available, such as copy, delete, quantize, transpose, etc.

There is no record function per se. The user can play along with the current song. If any notes are played while the sequencer is running, they are stored in a buffer, which can be recalled and folded into any of the sequence channels, should it have turned out to be an inspired performance.

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The volume, mute status, delay time, pan position, output bus and transpose value of each channel can be changed as required. These values can be controlled by any macro preset change, if this function is enabled.

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