This page is the central "mixer" for all of the sequencers in the current environment.

Each sequencer can have the following parameters adjusted:

This is also the page where Macro Presets can be created, recalled or deleted.

Reset Status

By and large, each sequencer is intended to loop round a sequence of notes. By setting the reset paramers, it can be controlled so that every certain number of bars counted by the Macro, a reset can occour. This might be to jump to the next bar ("NX") or back to the start of the sequence ("ST"). This feature came about because each sequencer loops independently of the others, which gives the potential to create polyrhythms, but also the problem that sometimes one needs to have everything played from the start again, or from a certain point that can have the same effect.

Server Output

Each sequencer can have its output played on a different server on the local network. The use of sound servers is an integral feature of SuperCollider. The server is easily selected with a pop-up menu.

Macro Preset

A Macro Preset is a record of the following settings, for all of the sequencers: reset status, volume, transpose, mute/solo, plus any current parameters particular to each sequencer, such as loop points. (Volume control can be switched to be ignored.) This allows the user to store and recall the playback of different musical sections very easily. Having set which bars are looping on each sequencer, along with the other parameters, pressing the numbered button will store the preset there, provided one is not already in this slot. Pressing the name button recalls that particular preset. This button turns yellow if the slot is occupied. The adjacent "x" button erases the preset in that slot.

If "Seq reset on" is selected, every sequencer will receive the instruction to play from the beginning when the macro preset is selected, regardless of its reset status.

When a macro preset is recalled, its parameters come into effect on the next bar. How many beats there are in the bars counted in the Macro can be specified, and a bar/beat count is provided for convenience.

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