Drum Machine

Sequencer page


This "Drum Machine" has 8 channels available for programming. Each channel can have 2 sounds assigned to it, for instance for a closed and open hi-hat, or variations of the same sound. Only one sound can be played at the same time per channel. As well as velocity, a simple probability value can be assigned to each hit, for random variations. 3 aux values can be passed to the SoundPatch that is played, to be used as modulation sources. 2 different flams are available: one with a specified interval and velocity, and one split beat with both hits at the same velocity. For each pattern, a "playback range" is specified, so the pattern can be between 1 and 32 beats long. The choice of patterns to be played, and in which order, is taken care of by the pattern sequencer.

Mixer page


The volume, mute status, delay time, and the pan position and output bus of each channel can be changed as required. These values can be controlled by any macro preset change, if this function is enabled. Either a swing value or groove, as created in the Groove Collection editor, can be applied to any or all channels. 

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